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Contact Management, Address Book and Broadcast Email

At GBDS.US we recognize the necessity for customer resource management system, or CRM. There are many popular proprietary software programs available (e.g., ACT, SugarCRM and Sage). But most are very complex, require a vast front-end cost for the software, installation and training, and the same on the maintenance level. These can be difficult barrers for smaller companies to overcome.

Many computer users still manage their contacts in their desktop email program (e.g, Outlook Express, etc.). Generally, we recommend migrating away from all Microsoft desktop software applications and servers due to their inherent limitations and security holes (e.g., Internet Explorer).

The primary limitations on email address book contact management is that the contact information is not accessible by other users because it is not web-based. There are also no standards for maintaining the information thus chaos rules. Therefore it's impossible really to maintain a single master database of contacts, customers and other associated documentation and files using email address books. It's a huge source of inefficiency in managing customer resources.

We've identified elegant, yet simple to use web-based solutions for managing contacts, customers, partners, vendors, suppliers and sales prospects as part of our Essential Business Tools package.


  • Contact management for small business and start-up operations
  • Contact management for customer resource management
  • Elegant, yet simple and easy to use
  • Can learn in less than fifteen minutes
  • Inexpensive monthly license fee (or free with limited features)

Mac Address Book

  • V-Card format emerging as a standard in the industry
  • Import/Export to and from HighRise

Broadcast Email Lists

  • Maintaining e-mail lists associated with marketing campaigns and efforts

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