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Essential™ Business Tools

Imagine integrated web empowerment solutions for your business!


Web 2.0 business strategies with a brief action plan.

  1. Implement and deploy web-based project and contact management systems for lead/prospect generation, qualification and sales pipeline management.
  2. Integrate accounting systems with customer resource management and sales department.
  3. Implement and deploy web-based internal office systems for managing accounting, job/career opportunities, staff profiles, protocols, procedures and company documentation. Package your entire enterprise in a box.
  4. Maintain and manage all organizational records for legal compliance.
  5. Write a marketing plan for the company and meeting your sales goals.
  6. Plan and engage in web-based marketing campaigns in target/niche markets and launch "experiential" marketing campaigns to create brand awareness for the company and products.
  7. Monthly licensing fees based on client requirements determined after an initial evaluation or consultation after which a formal proposal with estimate is written.

Business tools for running a web-based enterprise and accomplishing the above objectives.

Business home and office tools for voice, phone, instant messaging, and fax.

Our Essential™ tools includes professional integration and application of any or all of the following for your business or organization.

Contact GBDS.US or call (541) 326-8900 for more information.  Complete an online questionnaire and receive a free business or web evaluation!