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Business Plan: Template

Raising Capital & Generating Cash Flow

BusinessPlanBusiness Documentation

  • Review Incorporation Papers and Records
  • Review Operating Agreement
  • Review Subscription Agreement or Stock Offering
  • Review Annual Report and Financial Statements

Business Information

  • Basic business information
  • What does the business do?
  • Mission statement
  • Legal structure and ownership
  • Intellectual property
  • Why the market needs these products/services?
  • Target market
  • Why clients would purchase?
  • Growth opportunities?
  • Competitors and competitive advantage?
  • How will you market and generate sales?
  • Key management positions with 1-3 paragraphs of background information
  • Highlights of accomplishments
  • Copy of existing financials
  • Membership fee?
  • Restaurant or nightclub/cafe
  • Investment group

Financial Plan

  • Expenses?
  • Revenues?
  • Cost of revenues or goods sold?
  • Start-up equipment needed?
  • Cash required?
  • Breakeven analysis?

Management and Organization

  • Organizational structure?
  • Key personnel?
  • Human resources and benefits?

Source: Better Business Plan Company

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