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Global Business Development Services

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Global Business Development Services LLC

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Global Business Development Services LLC is an Oregon-based business development company applying the best-of-breed web-based solutions to increase revenue, decrease expenses, and improve communications. We make business comprehensible for our clients and partners.

Common sense dictates that before you build a house you must have a foundation. And before you dig footers and lay the concrete, you must have a plan, and hire an architect to complete approved plans. Building businesses, organizations, management teams and websites are no different. Thus as a client you may conceptualize your relationship with GBDS.US as your business/organizational/web architects and engineers.

At Global Business Development Services we offer professional project management for business development. Our expertise is in comprehending, planning and implementing complex project and business developments that are ultimately successful because of our attention to detail and process. From a business development and management perspective, this minimizes risk and liabilities for both the client and GBDS.US. This also provides for the practical manageability of the project and empowers the client with a powerful solution for a reasonable cost.

There are parameters we must operate within to take on a project to guarantee its success, delivered in a timely fashion with a realistic budget.

At Global Business Development Services we are able to provide 80% of the basic functionality and features every best-of-breed website and business requires without custom programming or technology development. This is accomplished by selecting a combination of licensed and free software, best-of-class business, desktop and web tools that perform excellently in a focused application. This eliminates 80% of the complexity and unknown factors from the project.

The remaining 20% is left to custom programming or features, if needed, to meet particular requirements and specifications of the project as determined by a final proposal and report which can also be utilized to compare our value proposition with others if desired.

Our "Preliminary Proposal" will address your company overview and objectives, preliminary evaluation and recommendations, our value proposition and proposal with estimates. We offer seminars and training programs in entrepreneurship, leadership and web 2.0 marketing strategies for your business.

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