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Content Management and Bookmarks, E-Publishing and Syndication

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

GBDS.US introduces newly emerging content management tools as part of the web 2.0 revolution taking place on the Internet. Social bookmarking sites, such as and many others, provide unique and interesting ways to organize and distribute content like never before.

With traditional print media and publishing, and other media producers as well (e.g, music, film and entertainment), scrambling for new business models and ways to make money on the web, these are powerful additions to the publishers and producers toolbox. Imagine being capable of repurposing your content for numerous

distribution outlets, taking a typical print document and syndicating it over the web to mobile phones, websites and other news services as RSS feeds (e.g., xml). The same applies to multi-media content. Many of these content tools were not available even two or three years ago.

The exponential growth of social networking sites and hugely visited aggregator sites, which utilize bits and pieces of your original content for promotional and marketing purposes to draw traffic to your website, adds yet another value to these e-publishing and syndication tools.

GBDS.US has identified a few beautiful content management tools as part of our Essential Business Tools package.

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