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Essential™ Desktop Tools

Imagine most desktop software replaced with web-based tools!


Desktop tools are those software programs operating from your computer or laptop instead of web-based. These include browsers and email programs, address books and calendar, word processing and spreadsheets, photographs and graphic arts, visual presentation, web development and text-only editors, FTP, audio recording and news readers. Many of these can be used in conjunction with web-based software.

Working from a great browser compatible with emerging web 2.0 standards is essential from an integration standpoint. We recommend Flock, Firefox and Opera as web browsers and migrating away from Internet Explorer as a browser and Outlook Express for email. Thunderbird and our own web-based email are excellent for enterprise level operations for spam-free email. Some of the following are free downloads, but many must be purchased. Here's a few Essential™ Desktop Tools we recommend.


  • Flock
    • Favorite browser for social networking with RSS feeds and favorites in the sidebar
    • Same source code as Firefox
    • Free download
  • Firefox
    • Great browser for sessions and developer work with Firebug
    • Free download
  • Safari (Mac)
    • Browser for Macintosh with "Stand" feature
    • Free download
  • Opera
    • Clean browser for site compliant standards
    • Free download


Working in a V-Card format for managing contact information is the emerging trend and may become an industry standard. This is a complex integration issue moving contact information from one database to another via .csv, .txt or .tab as there's often "drop-out" of data fields.

Address Books and Calendar

Traditional voice communications via telephone is still a business essential though there are now options for voice using Internet Protocol (IP) phones instead of the traditional dial-ups. Look for a local phone company that offers IP Phones for your residence or business. Usually these are integrated and bundled with your Internet service.

Word Processing and Spreadsheets

Photographs and Graphic Arts

  • ImageWell
  • PicLens
    • Firefox add-on
  • Adobe Photoshop
    • Paid, licensed software
  • Adobe Illustrator
    • Paid, licensed software

Visual Presentations

  • Graffle
    • Create beautiful flow charts
    • Paid, licensed software
    • Visual presentations over the Internet through your web-browser
    • Paid, licensed software

Web Development and Text-Only Editing

  • Rixedit
    • Paid, licensed software
  • skEdit v4.1
    • Paid, licensed software
  • iStat
    • free download
  • Firebug and Web Developer
    • Firefox add-ons


Audio Recording

News Reader and Aggregator

  • Net News Reader along with the web-based version of NewsGator
    • Free download

Our Essential™ tools includes professional integration and application of any or all of the following for your business or organization.

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