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John David Van Hove

Marketing Director, Sales Manager & Special Projects Manager

John David Van Hove is currently the Marketing Director, Sales Manager and Special Projects Manager for Global Business Development Services LLC. As an independent contractor he offers his services as a professional proposal writer, researcher, copywriter, strategic planner, business consultant, seminar leader and web 2.0 marketing and social media expert. He's a vital part of the core team at GBDS.US.

Mr. Van Hove is an experienced professional and whiz kid with a keen eye for what's up and coming in the wide world of web. Over the last few years he's mastered SEO optimization and social media networks for marketing your business, product, service or event.

He has a deep history as an advocate for renewable energy and sustainable development including raising angel funds for Stirling Energy System over a decade ago – now fully capitalized and building the two largest solar thermal power plants in the world in southern California in 2010. Clients include various green companies including developing start-ups like The Oregon Green Expo and Ocean Energy Management – harnessing energy from ocean waves, currents and wind.

John David Van Hove is also the Founder of the Institute for Communications Resources - a global resource center platform for sourcing and syndicating dynamic digital "content-as-a-service (CaaS)" over the Internet. He is the CO-ORGANIZER of the Ashland Resource Center and Cascadian Resource Center - a local and regional resource center for sharing events, projects, information and media in southern Oregon along with the Southern Oregon Resource Center

He is a specialist in new paradigm business development committed to developing strategic companies and networks with the objective of building a "sustainability" infrastructure in Oregon, the Cascadian bioregion and globally through the resource center network. This includes locally-grown organic food, affordable shelter, renewable energy, restoring the environment, web technology, networking and communications, self-education, fine arts and uplifting music, holistic health and conscious films. Through his business development work he enjoys supporting individuals, companies and organizations in building their dreams and becoming successful.

In what seems like another lifetime, he produced numerous educational audio courses some of which are available as free downloads. Current seminars he leads are The Business of "Green" Entrepreneurship, Leadership of the Future and Web 2.0 Marketing Strategies for Your Business seminars. His inspired, uplifting film The Taboo of Sovereignty, Money, Love and Power will be released in late Spring 2010.

He has authored several best-selling, self-published books in the nineties. He's been an inspiring educator and keynote speaker at hundreds of USA/Canada/Mexico and international events. He has taught live seminars for over 100,000 people over the last two decades and now forays into the online world of webinars.

John David Van Hove is a true renaissance man with many diverse talents shaping new thought on the leading edge of social, political and economic change. He has been a powerful and compassionate influence on millions of people since the early seventies. He was there during the communications revolution and the emergence of the Internet. He was actively organizing community during the human potential movement, founded several communities, and an environmental education center, built seven houses, played and wrote hundreds of songs, raised three families, produced hundreds of concerts and events, researched American law and history, and made "sovereignty" a household word.

He attended Michigan State University and studied biological sciences, mathematics, ecology, humanistic psychology, existentialism and Eastern philosophy during the activist seventies. He has traveled extensively in North America, Europe and Korea researching and experiencing many cultures. Through his travels he has networked with key people, organizations, businesses, projects, programs and media in many interest areas.

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