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Raymond Brown

Raymond Brown is the CEO and lead Project Manager for Global Business Development Services LLC, along with the governance team at Del Mar Group LLC. He manages complex project, business and web developments and builds strategic processes for clients. His professional leadership in the development and application of new web technology empowers people, companies and organizations to become more effective and successful.

Raymond's appetite for innovation typically results in the focused application of strategy and tools for simplifying complex business processes including websites, databases, and e-commerce. A cross-disciplinarian at heart, his practical experience in several diverse fields enables a comprehensive view that significantly assists our clients in completing their projects with elegance.

In what seems a former life, he was a US Navy Nuclear Power Plant Supervisor, an Industrial Electrician, a Process Control Systems designer, and then a Project Manager for many varied sizes and types of extremely intricate industrial projects. He has enjoyed every aspect of the combination of technology and human organizational dynamics.

For the last few years, he has focused on every aspect of business development from company formation of legal entities, recordkeeping and maintaining compliance issues, accounting systems, documentation of business processes, to entirely leading-edge application of the next wave of social development. This brings into play all the core elements that enable any business, small or large enterprise operations, to successfully scale at a sustainable rate, which fits well with our Global Business Development Services business offering.

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