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Global Business Development Services

Delivering Business Solutions
  for Your Sustainable Future

Empowering You
  through Applied Technology and Training

Account Manager & Executive Assistant


GLOBAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES (GBDS) purpose is to apply best-of-breed web technology to facilitate sustainable business development.

We are looking for a talented and motivated person to join our Ashland operation. You should be personable, mature, take pride in your work, communicate effectively and be keen and available to grow a futuristic and technologically-driven company.

GBDS is a young start-up that operates nation-wide. We are innovative and we push - and create - new boundaries. We are looking for a fast learner who has the ability to grow quickly. You will be joining a volatile yet progressive organization that you can help shape.

Please include a short text resume. Don't worry about the formatting and such - looking beyond that. More important qualifiers will be the energetic relationship possibilities related to shifting organizations into the future, not only including our own: including our clients.

The current opportunity initially relates to the nut-and-bolts of invoicing, bookkeeping, accounting, client relationship-building, and systems management.

Several opportunities are available to grow other businesses that require similar skill-sets.


Detail work
Using various systems
Setting up new systems conceptually


Further details available upon interview


Ability to create solutions
Asking forgiveness rather than permission
Following then building business processes
Documenting business processes
Agility in thought and action
Has a capacity and desire for the field of entrepreneurship

You don't need to know how to program in seven different languages and three different variants of each, however you need to be internet-literate.

A high degree of personal interaction will be require during the first couple of months. Personal training will be taught.

You have to be able to travel to our local office a few times a week where most of the work will be performed, and periodically to our professional office on the other side of town for particular meetings when needed. You will likely to be able to eventually work at home for a percentage of the activity required (we promote and represent a post-modern form of organization and activity, to the degree required to perform sustainability and practically).

Ability to process paperwork and understand and apply fundamental business processes is key.

Ideal Candidate

Computer savvy in general
Has worked in some form of business environment, and is looking for something more
Understands the core nature of small businesses
Multi-level marketing for a year or more (due to the people-skill training you must acquire in it)
Ability to train
Willingness to learn
Copywriting or English-communication skills well-developed
An eye or feel and sense for Marketing


Any 'benefits' do not include Federal or State benefits at this time. This position constitutes a Private position, not a Federal or State one.

When your capability creates the capacity for generating Federal and State benefits, then we'll incorporate those quickly.

Outside of those, you should expect to experience plenty of transferable benefits due to the nature of the environment. Otherwise, all rights reserved.

Primarily, your initial benefits will be those related to private contract and personal tutalage in an everchanging dynamic landscape that represents the impending future now.  Seriously. Much work is required, however the work is a pattern, and the pattern is ubiquitous.