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Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS)

Imagine your website, social network and blog marketed and networked 24/7!

GBDS.US's "Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS)" follows in the same line of thinking as the "Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)" business model for delivering web-based software over the Internet for a monthly license fee.

  • Attract and retain customers through social media marketing
  • Protect your brand from negative comments
  • Way for customers to interact with your brand
  • Stay ahead of your competitors

Whereas SaaS provides web-based tools and software for your business and website (instead of huge upfront capitalization costs), MaaS provides an elegant, yet dynamic marketing and networking presence in all the major social media networks, web 2.0 aggregators, blogs and websites relevant to your business which drives traffic to your landing page and customers to your e-commerce storefront.

GBDS.US's social media managers understand this market, where you need to be as a company and how to get there.

Features of Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS).

  • 24/7 marketing of your website, company or business, product or service with best-of-breed business and web tools
  • Increase web traffic and your customer base
  • Optimizeyour web pages and increasing organic rankings in search engines
  • Engage social media networks and connecting with your niche markets

Clients have to provide and maintain their own content for their website, and do the day-to-day marketing for their business. Clients must maintain and expand their marketing and network reach daily to get the most value our of their new platform.  Frankly, both of these come at a great expense of time and money.

During your web design and development process GBDS.US provides not only dynamic, constantly updated "Content-as-a-Service" for client websites, social networks and blogs, but propagates content and builds new prospects through active marketing and networking. MaaS can be paid for on a flat-rate, monthly fee basis.

Dynamic marketing and networking daily is essential to keeping user and customer interest focused on your website, social network or blog. Most companies and organizations simply do not have the time or budget to maintain such a presence. But GBDS.US makes "Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS)" both feasible and affordable.

Social Media Marketing Services.

  • Dynamic Branded Company, Organization or Business "Portal Page" with RSS feed or Delicious Links for raising your organic ranking in multiple search engines avaliable only on your Local, Regional or Global Resource Center
  • Website "Interact Page" placed on your website with multiple social media buttons
  • Set-Up & Posting Content on Primary Social Networks (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn & Twitter)
  • Set-Up & Posting Content on Primary Resource Centers (ARC, CRC, ICR)

Search Engine Marketing Services.

  • Optimization of "Portal Page" for raising your organic ranking
  • Reverse Keyword Search
  • Google ADWords Campaign

Broadcast Email Campaigns.

  • Email Campaign
  • Multiple Subscriber Lists

Affliate Marketing Campaigns

  • Marketing Campaign with Text and Banner Ads on selected social networks and websites

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