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Branding Strategy - Companies and Websites

Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS)


Brand strategy focuses on competitive positioning in web development, design and deployment markets forming strategic partnerships with high-profile companies. Brand strategy provides a 24/7 distribution multi-channel for business and development assets. Brand strategy increases web traffic through live trainings, webcasts and pay-per-view for individuals, businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs which include banner advertising and reciprocal affiliate links.

Brand strategy leverages the cost-effective power of the Internet to reach as many people as possible through web 2.0 platforms, social networks and blogs, tags on major and minor aggregators (e.g., MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube, GoogleVideo, YahooVideo), RSS feeds, publishing and syndication, and search engine optimization which attracts traffic to the company website, channels and e-commerce storefront. Evaluate the ROI of potential campaigns, set goals, track your budget, even determine whether a campaign will be profitable.

GBDS.US has access to several design agency quality professionals for designing entire corporate branding packages, logos and websites.

Contact GBDS.US or call (541) 326-8900 for more information.  Complete an online questionnaire and receive a free business or web evaluation!