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Market Research and Demographics


Market research is about identifying who the customer is, how many and how to reach them. By testing each target/niche and vertical market one can determine where to focus the companies online marketing efforts through email capture, incentives and broadcast email campaigns. By measuring response rates one determine the strongest interest in your products and services.

All websites intending to sell advertising, sponsorship and banner ads, must measure and quantify the unique visitors on each page. Advertising revenues and sponsorships depend on these numbers to determine their value and price. Once your traffic is above 50,000 unique visitors per month, advertisers may be interested in advertising on your website.

To quantify the unique visitors on your website and to determine the traffic and demographics, go to Quantcast and embed their code on your website. Google Analytics is an additional tool for quantifying traffic and measuring statistics on your website.

  • Identifying and testing target/niche vertical markets
  • Identifying customer demographics
  • Measuring and quantifying unique visitors on website (Quantcast and Google Analytics)
  • Launching and tracking marketing campaigns (Broadcast Email)


Online Market Research


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