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Marketing and Website Objectives


Besides traditional marketing methods common in your industry with a modest annual budget, your website, if fully developed and deployed as we recommend, your website would become by far the primary and most important marketing tool for the company which would integrate your internal office as well. This is your calling card to the world. It's the first and last impression most people will ever get.

This would result in increased revenues, decreased expenses and provide your organization an innovative edge for years to come.

Some of your marketing objectives.

  • Direct traffic to your website and generate leads
  • Engage social networks and blogs to generate user content and interaction
  • Maintain and expand market share and brand recognition
  • Keep customer interest and participation
  • Reach new customers and prospects
  • Close new sales and increase revenues
  • Maintain high-ranking in the search engines

Most websites have very simple, but inadequate designs and image to engage the public. This requires a completely new look, feel and brand from a professional design agency perspective. Visual media are the most important means for creating the look and feel that communicates, not only for the website, but for the organization as a whole (including business cards, letterheads, ads, etc.). We have excellent designers at our disposal to co-create that brand and image with you.

Some of your immediate website objectives.

  • New design and brand for website and organization
  • Dynamic, changing content keeps website fresh and interesting
  • Simple, yet elegant web management
  • Newsletter signup and e-news
  • Broadcast email and list management
  • Events calendar
  • Blogs, media reviews and podcasts
  • Forums, discussions and comments
  • RSS feeds and content syndication
  • Custom directories
  • E-commerce storefront integrated with accounting as income-producing activity
  • Affiliate program
  • Banner ad management and quantification

Some design elements to be incorporated.

  • To be determined after an initial evaluation and interview

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