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Essential™ Networking Tools

Imagine networking connections for business and personal via the Internet!


Networking tools are now readily available for connecting with other professionals, partners and new customers. Your imagination is the limit.

Working from a great browser compatible with emerging web 2.0 standards is essential from an integration standpoint. We recommend Flock, Firefox, Safari and Opera as web browsers and migrating away from Internet Explorer. These networking tools are used in conjunction with other web-based software and desktop tools. Some of the following are free services, but many have extra features you must pay for. Here's a few Essential™ Networking tools we recommend.

Social Network Platforms

  • MySpace
    • Premier social network on a somewhat obsolete platform
    • Still with many loyal users
  • Facebook
    • Largest and fastest growing social network
    • Open to third-party application development
  • Ning
    • Open-source social network platform for weaving social networks together
  • Google Friends Connect and Open Social
    • Google initiative to weave social networks together with a snippet of code

Professional & Business Networks

  • LinkedIn
    • Largest professional business network
  • PartnerUp
    • Finding partners for your business

Our Essential™ tools includes professional integration and application of any or all of the following for your business or organization.

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