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Searching | Krishna

Published Tuesday, March 3, 2009 4:00 pm
by Krishna

It is natural to search for truth during one's lifetime. That leads one to different paths, Gurus, Guides, Masters, Teachers, established Religions and what not! Everyone and everything brings us one step nearer to truth, irrespective of that person was what we thought or otherwise or totally a fake. But that experience takes us for sure faster to truth, reality, existence, god, life or love.

Nothing is there without the purpose and to mislead us or keep us away from our search of Truth. Wrong guide or guru or leader was there to cut-short our journey a bit atleast towards our goalless goal, as it will give us the yardstick to avoid such an experience again. We should be thankful to one and all, who shorten our pilgrmage from here to here. As all experiences of life makes one a seasoned being and makes one wiser by the day, if one is open, available, receptive and unconditioned from all dogmas, prejudices and spiritual-shit, which is the sure obstacle to the truth, as all these stuffs are of the mind and mind is the only barrier between us and the Truth.

In other words, everything is spiritual, as there is not two. To know our oneness is an experience and not the sloagan, as it is like experience of love. Talk of love is the impediment to love. Also it is two diametrically different things - to love and to talk ABOUT love. Similarly to experience Truth and to talk about truth are like east and west and keeps one in darkness with spiritual-ego, which is very deadly poison than ordinary passion, attachment and worldly mundane affairs.
It is very difficult to get out of Golden prison / cage than iron one.