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Awaken the Dreamer, Be the Change | The Pachamama Alliance

Published Friday, May 1, 2009 4:00 am
by Joshua Gorman

A New Initiative Connecting Young People with the Great Story

Young people across the planet know that something is profoundly wrong with the world today.  We are keenly aware of the challenges we are inheriting as a generation, yet so often we lack exposure to a larger context that helps us understand the full nature and significance of the times we are coming of age in.  More than ever, today's students and youth need to be exposed to the Great Story that we are a part of, and an inspiring new initiative called Awaken the Dreamer, Be the Change is working to do just that.

For the first time ever, the Awakening the Dreamer (ATD) project of the Pachamama Alliance is offering a Facilitator’s Training specifically for young adults (ages 18-30).  This training will prepare a new generation of storytellers to facilitate a youth version of the symposium titled "Awaken the Dreamer, Be the Change."  At its heart is a powerful sharing of the New Story, presented in such a compelling way that it allows individuals to begin awakening from "the Dream of the Modern World" and to discover the profound shift that is taking place around the world.  As the youth version will portray - young people are helping to lead the way.  

The forthcoming young adult facilitator training promises to be an extraordinary experience for all of the participants.  As the Awakening the Dreamer website shares, "Jon Love (director of ATD) and a team of top notch facilitators, will lead participants through a week long immersion into the contents, background and purpose of the ATD Symposium.  Through dreamwork and dance, ceremony, community building and intimate dialogues with nature, you will explore extensively what it means to Be a Vessel and a Catalyst for a New Guiding Principle for Humanity.  You will discover how your own particular gifts can be channeled into a life of meaning, connectedness and social relevancy.  And, you will learn the art of hosting a Symposium and become woven into the international community of leaders and change-makers who are ATD Symposium Facilitators."

If you're a young person or if you know a young person who is called to help bring forth "an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just presence on planet Earth," learn more about the upcoming Awaken the Dreamer, Be the Change training

May we celebrate this good news...a new generation of storytellers are rising up to share the Story of our awakening World!

Source: The Evolutionary Times