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11:11 Awakening Code - We are walking the energy of LOVE | Facebook

Published Wednesday, November 11, 2009 4:00 am

IMPORTANT DATE to put in your diary! 11th November, 2009, 11am or 11pm your local time anywhere in the WORLD!

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11:11 Awakening Code Group:

11:11 Awakening Fan Page:

11:11 Awakening Code is holding a special event for the important coming together on this day.

Please join us in meditation on our brand new blogtalk radio show on 11th November at 11pm UK time:

This is why we would love you to attend...

EVERYONE is important to us as we understand that we are all in this together as ONE!

We are coming together for a very special reason help to lift the heavy negative frequency of fear, depression and lack of self worth. We are here to show others that this feeling doesn't need be this way. So can we have your attention, as this message and joining in with this event could change your life for the better.

Here is our message to all: We are living at a time of the greatest opportunity for the growth of the soul that has ever been. Billions of souls are trying to get to earth now for this extraordinary though difficult time. You are immeasurably blessed to be here to experience and participate in such shift in consciousness, and there are things that you can do daily to prepare yourself.

All lightworkers are working in the right place, the guides and angels are already directing people, so they feel the urge to be where they are meant to be, this moment is absolutely perfect! The plan is already being activated. Each individual are asked to listen to their own personal prompting. Lightworkers hold your light seedy to help those in need, our time is here to really show others what we are here for.

Others groups outside of Facebook have also grown in the millions with people wanting to be apart of mediation that is linking souls worldwide. We know that love is the only way to change the frequency on Planet Earth to prepare us all for 2012. We are awake and we hear the message to stand together and UNITE as ONE!

Lets bring love home to where is belongs....

You know what you need to do... S P R E A D T H E W O R D W I T H E V E R Y O N E Y O U T O U C H.....

From the 11:11 Awakening Code team, we have this message to give to you...

Love is coming home.

Source: Awakening Code