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Mobile Phones And Smartphones

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 9:12 pm
cheap cell phone plans

Just like foods, clothing, and shelters, the cell phone has also become a fundamental must-haves in today's life. It's really almost impossible to spend a day without using a cell phone because cell phone has become an inevitable part of today's communication. 

Be it poor or rich, almost every people use a cell phone and the market has become already over-flooded with lots of mobile phone carriers and manufacturers. It is estimated that a normal person spends around $50 per month on mobile bills and that means $600 per year. 

The present market for cell phone service providers is highly competitive and they are constantly updating their rates and plans for their customers and this competition has made cheap cell phone plans really easy for their customers.

When it comes to choosing a mobile phone, we all have different phone selections but getting a cheap cell phone plans is something which is really common. The reason behind it is that we depend a lot on cell phones for our day to day activities. Yes, having a cell phone is really essential but that does not mean that we have to waste money by paying added bills and unwanted costs. All it's important to find a suitable plan that can help you to save some good amount of money at the end of the month. 

There you can find lots of cell phone carrier companies offering different cell phone plans for their customers and some of them even provide fully connected phones with a service subscription of 3-24 months. But always remember one thing before choosing such a plan that you will be carrier locked for a certain period of time and you won't be able to change your plan during that time. If you are fine with this then you can go for such plan.

Determining the budget is the most important factor when you are going to select a cheap cell phone plans. You must allocate a budget that indicates how much you are willing to pay per month for your mobile phone and that would help you to make your list short by eliminating the mobile choices that you can't afford.

Now you should decide what type of plan you are looking for a prepaid or a postpaid plan? In prepaid plans, you have to pay first in order to make calls from your mobile while postpaid plans allow you to make calls than pay later. Postpaid plan is ideal for the people who make a lot of calls per month.

Always look for bonus offers that you can get with your cheap cell phone plans. These bonus offers include games, radio, music, weather forecast, free talk or texts etc.

No matter what type of plan you are subscribing for, make sure the carrier has good network coverage, customer service and it should not have any sort of hidden or added charges.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016 2:25 pm

How many times have you wanted to plug your iPad into your computer to charge but you didn't want to deal with the interruption that syncing causes to what you're doing on the computer itself? It's a common problem but it's an easy one to resolve.

To prevent auto-sync all that you need to do is hold down a couple of keys on your computer as you plug the iPad in. The keys are shift-control on a PC or command-option on a Mac. Hold those down while plugging the iPad in and the iTunes program will automatically skip auto syncing.

If you're too slow and the computer does start to sync you can easily interrupt the syncing by dragging the iPad's unlock slider to end the process.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016 2:24 pm

The HTC Media Link HD is a new unit which makes it easy to wirelessly share content from your HTC One Series device to a HDMI-enabled TV.

Setup is as simple as plugging the Media Link HD into a TV via the HDMI port and connecting to a USB slot or power cable.

Once the unit is connected, sharing multimedia could not be easier. While watching movies, viewing pictures or listening to music, a three finger swipe up   the screen of your HTC One device will instantly push content to the TV.

You can even continue to use the phone while streaming content by pressing the home button on the device.

To finish sharing content just three finger swipe down the phone to close the connection.

Here at Dialaphone we are currently offering a free Media Link HD when you order either a HTC One X or One S handset. Simply head over to our HTC page to check out the great deals available.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016 2:21 pm

The iPad 2 is great for both productivity and fun. You may find yourself needing to do a screen capture on the tablet for either of these purposes, like    capturing an image to put into a blog post for example. So how do you do it? It's easy.

  Follow these steps :

Hold down the power button on your iPad 2.    

Hit the HOME button while you are still holding down the power button. You should see a flash on the screen and hear the click of the screen capture.

Go to "photos" and check your "camera roll". You should see the image there.

Locate the arrow icon on the top right corner of the image. You can then use your screen capture image in many ways including copying it, assigning it to    a contact on the tablet, using it as your device's wallpaper, emailing it or printing it out.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016 2:19 pm

The Remember app comes pre-loaded with BlackBerry 10 and provides users with a well designed, easy to use note taking application which can work on its own or sync with Evernote. Despite security concerns arising about the cloud-based note taking service, it remains hugely popular in the business world and this could be a big draw for BlackBerry customers.

The app performs better than the dedicated Evernote app on other platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone and is a brilliant addition to BlackBerry's new platform. Remember is a great tool for business users but could prove useful for anyone with a Z10.

Working on a simple, grid-like interface of folders which each contain notes, if synced with Evernote, folders automatically pull through from your account or if not, they simply exist in isolation on the device. You don't need an Evernote account to use the Remember app, but linking one to it allows you to take full advantage of the cloud-storage options that the service offers.

New folders can be created with a simple tap on the menu at the bottom of the screen and, in contrast to the dedicated Evernote apps, can be colour coded.

In creating a new folder we found one of the few gripes we have with the Rememberapp; once the syncing options for a folder have been selected (to   either sync withEvernote or not) they cannot be changed. If you had an offline folder full of notes that you suddenly needed to be online the only option you would have is to create a new folder, set it to sync and move all the notes across.

Creating a new note is as simple as creating a folder, by tapping the icon at the bottom of the display. While notes can be created from within a particular folder they can easily be moved by selecting another one from a drop down menu that appears if you tap the bar just below the Cancel and Save options.

BlackBerry 10's swiping keypad comes in particularly useful when entering text to a note due to the quick nature that this type of function lends itself to. Notes are often made on the fly with speed being a necessity and the keypad's brilliant predictive text feature makes adding words easy.

Further to this, several types of attachments can be added to a note by selecting one of the options at the bottom of the display. Firstly, the handset's    camera can be used to take a photo which can then be attached to an individual note. This means you can use the Time Shift function to create an ideal image then automatically add it to a note.

Secondly, voice notes can be attached, with a simple audio recording interface appearing when the Voice Note icon is tapped. Thirdly, files stored    elsewhere on the device or in the cloud can also be added with just a few taps. Selecting the Attachment option takes you through to BlackBerry 10's File    Manager and adding files from the device's internal storage or the cloud is as simple as navigating to where they are stored and selecting them. Multiple    files can also be added in bulk through this method.

Lastly, each note can have a due date added if you wish, as a reminder of when you need to complete tasks. A small complaint we have here is that while the    date can be shown in the day/month/year format used in the UK it can only be entered in the month/day/year one that is used in the US, making the interface    a little confusing. However, this is a tiny complaint that barely affected the service that the app offers. A greater problem is that folders which are set    to sync with Evernote cannot have due dates attached; it's a shame to have to choose between this feature and the option of cloud storage.

Overall, the Remember app works well on its own but also serves as an excellent front for Evernote. We've used Evernote's apps    on iOS, Android and Windows Phone extensively and find BlackBerry 10's Remember app to be better than any of them, with its simple interface often    working better than the convoluted equivalents on the service's dedicated apps.

BlackBerry has always had a good standing in the business world and theRemember app is something that is well suited to enterprise users. While   BlackBerry 10 and the full touchscreen Z10 may well be a move towards those who favour iOS and Android, the Remember app is an indication that  BlackBerry has not forgotten its faithful old corporate clients.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016 2:16 pm

It is important to keep your BlackBerry software up to date if you want your handset to run at an optimal level. There are two basic ways that you can manually update BlackBerry software:

   1. On the handset, go to HOME, select "options", then "device" and go to "software updates". This is the simplest option but it isn't available on all    BlackBerry handsets.

   2. Connect the phone to your computer. On the computer, go to the software update page on the BlackBerry site. Select "blackberry device software" and    follow the instructions on the page to complete the process.

You should also know that it's possible to set up your BlackBerry Desktop Software to check automatically for updates. Go to the same page that you went to in option two (above) and go to the Help section for additional instructions.

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