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Global Business Development Services

Delivering Business Solutions
  for Your Sustainable Future

Empowering You
  through Applied Technology and Training

John David Van Hove

Past Accomplishments and Developments

Past project and business involvements in some capacity or other include:

  • 21st Century Builders (Eugene, Oregon, USA)
  • Afcom International (Africa)
  • Albuquerque Resource Center (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)
  • Ali'i Hono Hu'aku Tropical Plantation (Hawaii)
  • Bamboo Nursery and Construction Farm (Global)
  • Bermuda Development Project (Bermuda)
  • Bibi Hot Springs Development Corp. (Portland, Oregon, USA)
  • Big Island Resource Center (Kona, Hawaii, USA)
  • Crystal Plains Development Project (Caribbean)
  • Detroit Symposium on Humanity (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
  • Dolphin and Healing Retreat Center (Panama and Costa Rica, Tahiti)
  • Eco-Era Reserve (Costa Rica)
  • Electric Tractor Corporation (Toronto, Canada)
  • Electric Vehicle Corp.
  • Elevate Events (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
  • Empower Moves (Montague, California, USA)
  • Energy By Motion (Toronto, Canada)
  • Environmental Technology and Associates (Maui, Hawaii, USA)
  • Evolve (Santa Barbara, California, USA)
  • Global Organic Foods (Global)
  • Global Prosperity Group (International)
  • Grameen Bank (Bangledesh)
  • Guild Communications Network (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
  • Guild of Alternative Artists (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
  • Hacienda Sun Village, Inc. (Dominican Republic)
  • Hyperbaric Oxygenation Corp. (B.C., Canada)
  • Institute for Global Prosperity (International)
  • Kauai Resource Center (Kauai, Hawaii, USA)
  • Kawaiolaakane Development Project (Maui, Hawaii, USA)
  • Kingdom of Hawaii Provisional Government (Oahu, Hawaii, USA)
  • Liberty Auto and Leasing Company (Ashland, Oregon, USA)
  • Liberty Dollar (Indiana, USA)
  • Los Angeles Resource Center (Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • Many-One Universal Browser (San Jose, California, USA)
  • Maui Resource Center (Kihei and Olinda, Hawaii, USA)
  • Montreal Resource Center (Montreal, Canada)
  • Native Herbal Medicines (Silverton, Oregon, USA)
  • Nature's Outlet Warehouse, Inc. (Global)
  • Oahu Resource Center (Kailua, Hawaii, USA)
  • One Earth Spirit (New York City, New York, USA)
  • One Sky Foundation (Ashland, Oregon, USA)
  • Ozone Research and Development Corporation
  • Panama Offshore Services, Inc. (Panama City, Panama)
  • Partners for a Better Environment (Raynham, Massachusetts, USA)
  • PlaNetwork (San Francisco, California, USA)
  • Portland Resource Center (Portland, Oregon, USA)
  • Pueblo Sacbe (Playa Del Carmen, Mexico)
  • Realty Freedom (Seattle, Washington, USA)
  • Retreat Center and School (Southern Oregon, USA)
  • Retreat Center and Farm (Orcas Island, Washington)
  • San Bernardino Resource Center (San Bernardino, California, USA)
  • S.D.G. Pharmeceutical (Toronto, Canada)
  • Seattle Resource Center (Seattle, Washington, USA)
  • Sirius Media (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Solari Project (Tennessee, USA)
  • Southern Oregon Resource Center (Ashland, Oregon, USA)
  • Stirling Energy Systems (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
  • Suenos de Los Amigos (Costa Rica)
  • Tahiti Resource Center (Tahiti)
  • Te Ara Communications (Tahiti)
  • Techtran Corporation and Xrtel Communications (Toronto, Canada)
  • Toronto Resource Center (Toronto, Canada)
  • Waileakue Agricultural Trust (Hawaii)
  • Wellness Assurance Corp.
  • Wind Farms
  • World Symposium on Humanity (Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver, Canada)