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Fastest Growing Business Software
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"Software as a Service (SaaS)" is a fast-growing software delivery model that's gaining in popularity. Why? Because it lets you bypass the high upfront costs of purchasing a license to own software and the hassles of maintaining that software. Instead, you pay to use it as part of a monthly subscription.

While other companies are just now recognizing the benefits of "Software as a Service (SaaS),"  we designed Accrisoft Freedom as an SaaS solution from day one. With Accrisoft Freedom web empowerment software and SaaS solutions, you have a low-cost way to tap into the benefits of commercially designed, internally operated software—without the high upfront costs, complexity or maintenance contracts.


How do you benefit?

  • Risk-free, "try-before-you-buy" business model
  • "Pay-as-you-grow" subscription service—no need to buy a per-seat license and/or maintenance contract
  • Lower ownership costs—because it's a hosted service, you benefit from the economies of scale that come from purchasing "Software as a Service (SaaS)"
  • Excellent customer service—we continually improve and upgrade service
  • Access to the latest e-business tools and high levels of innovation from any web-connected browser
  • No need to manage servers, software upgrades, vesions or hosting resources

Accrisoft Freedom is the web empowerment software solution of choice when you want to minimize risk, maximize cost efficiencies, and take advantage of tremendous economies of scale, leveraging software as a service.


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